The Last Lap

I know I have been talking about it for the longest time, but it is actually happening – it is my spring semester of senior year. It is one bittersweet feeling because even though I will miss every second of being on campus, I am excited to demonstrate my skillset in the business world.

This semester is going to be a rollercoaster of emotions. My final group of classes is also something I am looking forward to, as I have two capstone courses to complete before I am able to walk under the archway. But before the festivities begin, I must stay focused and keep my foot on the gas pedal.

Besides my course selection, I am also looking forward to my final semester as a member of the Sales Team. Our primary focus this semester is the annual sales competition at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. Will it be a lot of work? Of course. But, like I have been saying all year – I am extremely appreciative of each opportunity I am given.

I will eventually miss the long nights of staying up and doing work, or playing cards with my roommates once my time is up living on campus. But at least for now, I can be thankful that I am living in them.