New Chef In Town

So, I know what you think – when you first get to college, one of the biggest adjustments you have to make is leaving home-cooked meals for dining hall food. For me, this was a big deal. The last three years I have made my way around Salmo dining hall, as well as finding awesome places near campus to get my grubbing on. But my senior year, it has taken a whole new direction.

Like I have continued to say, the townhouse experience steps up your responsibilities in becoming an adult. More chores are needed to be done, more people to worry about, but most importantly – it is having the ability to cook and experiment in the kitchen. Personally, this has been my favorite aspect of living in the townhouse. Having access to a kitchen has given me the ability to take all of the Tasty videos I have watched and bring them to life (yes, I admit, I watch about a half-hour worth of videos a night in order to fall asleep).

But all kidding aside, being responsible for cooking is a totally different feeling than just having to worry about the best times to eat. Before, it was just trying to avoid the lines at Salmo so you can eat in peace. Now, the process is completely different – choose what you want to make, create time in your schedule to cook the meal, and clean up afterward. Even though it requires more work than just swiping in and cleaning your table in Salmo, I have had moments throughout the semester in the kitchen where I believe Guy Fieri would be impressed.

Because it is really my first time using a kitchen on a consistent basis, it is still a learning process for me. Yes, I have burned pots throughout the process, but that has not stopped me from creating a meal that I can potentially be known for come the holiday season. Until my next opportunity, I will continue to see what type of cooking skills I have.