Career Fair Grinding

Senior year will be stress free they said! Senior year will go by fast they said! Even though these things are partly true, one thing for sure is that the stress factor is at an all-time high – especially in finding a job. That is one of the main reasons for coming to Bryant in the first place right? Well, through the education comes securing a full time position once I graduate.

One thing is for sure though, the school provides excellent opportunities for seniors to network and secure a spot for May. This week, the semester-annual Career Fair was available to students. I have been going to each Career Fair since I was a freshman, but senior-year Career Fairs are much different – you already feel like you have a shot at getting the employees attention. Even though I had a hard time going when I was a freshman and sophomore, those times have translated into making the times going as a senior that much easier. Not only am I much more confident in myself, but I also am much more comfortable in the aspect of networking as a whole. But the point is, I have practice so much over the span of four years to feel just like myself when I am communicating with a professional.

The school just makes it easy for students. Having 80+ employers in the MAC for an evening wanting to talk to you? It is hard to beat that. But hopefully, come May, all of the events will be worth it as I go from walking under the Archway to walking into the corporate world with ease.