Semester Four!

If you think high school goes by quickly, just wait until college. I swear it goes by in the blink of an eye! Every semester I’ve tried to come on here and describe my classes so students who may be reading this have the chance to see what their courses may be like.

Management 200- This course teaches you all about management styles, the important aspects of managing people and how to become a better leader. There is also a service learning component which helps to expand your world and work with people who do not attend Bryant. I fortunately connected with a nonprofit very quickly and my group and I are working together to spread the word about a grant for the state of RI! I really like this course so far.

History 262- I have this course with Professor Hubbard and I really like the material we are learning. Right now we’re learning about the Civil War which I think is really interesting and the effects it had on the country. Tomorrow we have a test so wish me luck!

Intro to Applied Analytics 205- Recently I declared a second concentration in Applied Analytics. This is a topic I am interested in as it relates to the data driven world that we live in and pairs well with my Marketing concentration. I have this class with Professor Salzillo and I feel like I am learning a lot on how to use the program SAS.

Marketing Research 312- This class is taught by Sukki Yoon. We are focusing on the different research methods and how to conduct an experiment as it relates to marketing. Professor Yoon is extremely funny and always keeps the class engaged. This 8am is very interesting and one of the marketing required courses. The semester culminates in a huge project which will be interesting to work on!

Consumer Behavior 311- This class is taught by Professor Notarantonio and she is awesome! She is extremely intelligent and pushes students in the class to keep thinking and working towards the best answer. As a marketing major, I love this course because it focuses on why people buy the things that they do and why they prefer one product over another. I think this is really interesting and this class is one of my favorites.

Those are my five classes this semester, I hope you enjoyed! Being a Bryant student always pushes me to stay engaged in my classes to preform my best.

Go Bulldogs!