Sales Team Update – Gearing Up For Georgia

As the semester is finally in full swing, the sales team is gearing up for a solid spring! Through productive workshops and continuous preparation for the various competitions across the country, I am trying to leave the team in the best way possible.

So far, our general meetings have been great. It is nice to see brand new faces and meet new people. Whether they are a freshman or senior, it is always a privilege to teach someone the Bryant Sales Program. Over the course of the semester, we have already had corporate sponsors come and speak to the team, as well as focus on ironing out our skillset to make us better individuals.

On the competition side, things are beginning to pick up. Even though it is in April, our trip to Georgia is right around the corner. In order to represent the school, each competitor must be well equipped and ready to go. As of now, we are doing our best to master the product and make the school proud!

Just when I think I have a moment to breath, I remember what I could be doing for the sales team. For me, there is no better feeling than to be busy and focus on sales related topics. For now, I will continue to prepare and focus on each task at hand. The excitement never ends!