Extravaganza 2018

On Friday night I had the opportunity to attend Extravaganza 2018! Last year I did not attend this event, and boy I’m sad I did not! This event was amazing and student-run! This fashion show is put on by the Multicultural Student Union that highlights Black History. This year the theme was Extravaganza 2018 | Silver Screen: Black Excellence. The show was put on by two student directors, with help from scene leaders and many hardworking students, as well as their advisor Kevin Martins. The show blew me away and I was so impressed with the talent and hard work put on by the students and advisors. Each scene of the show was modelled highlighting Black Excellence.

The show opened with one of my favorite scenes which was modelled around the movie “Hidden Figures.” Each of the scenes showed a movie clip to start to get the audience in the right mindset before the walks. Seeing all of the movies played and then the clothing and outfit choices by each scene were awesome and tastefully done. The students who were walking in each of the scenes had multiple outfits and walks and for each movie.

Later on in the show, aDvANCEd Evolution Dance Team had an awesome step performance which was an awesome addition to the show! Directly after this, there was a Spoken Word Performance from Black Girl Magic. This was an amazing part of the show. The two speakers conveyed every emotion from tenderness to anger just with their words which was powerful. The show ended with a short video from students on our campus of what Black Excellence means to them. I thought this as an awesome way to hear from our students and not just get to visualize what Black Excellence was.

Throughout the show, I constantly felt proud of my classmates. This was a huge production to put on and the organization and execution was flawless. There were Division I athletes on stage, First Year students, Resident Assistants, dancers, singers and everyone in between. The cohesiveness of the group was amazing and I will be definitely attending next year’s Fashion Show. Congratulations to the entire Extravaganza 2018 team because your show was incredible!

Go Bulldogs!