Interesting Courses: Broadcasting

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of your local nightly news coverage? At Bryant, our Communication students are learning first hand how to prepare, tape, interview, and more for actual newscasts using our Bryant television studio in the Koffler Center.

The course is split into how newscasts are actually created and produced, and how to teach students to conduct their own journalism interviews, which are filmed for major grades in the course. We tackle major components of a newscast and analyze various news stories to see how we could do it differently. Professor Montecalvo is the anchor for WPRI-12, so it’s really amazing to have a professor currently active in their field teaching us about their profession. Our studio is fully stocked with all the production equipment we need, as well as multiple cameras, teleprompters, lighting systems, etc.

As a student in the class, I’ve found it to be a really unique opportunity to work hands-on on an actual television studio set. Whether it’s organizing cameras or adjusting lighting, or directing a full interview, I’ve been able to participate in almost every job involved in a news cast. It has been really enjoyable seeing broadcasting from a different perspective rather than the finished product that goes on air. I highly recommend this course to any Communication majors or minors and as an elective for any student interested in television, journalism, or public speaking.