Top Student Discounts

If you have read my last article, “How to Save Money in College” you can obviously tell I am a college student on a budget. I can only use this excuse for so long, until I am an adult and the whole “I am on a college budget” doesn’t apply to me anymore.

A lot of companies realize this whole budget thing and also want to help us. Which is why I take full advantage of student discounts/ benefits while I still have another year to do so! Below is a list of some of the best college discounts and benefits that anyone with an email can use!

Spotify/Hulu: I have sworn by this benefit for the last two years. If you have a university email, instead of paying the regular $9.99 monthly fee for a music package, you can register your student email and pay $4.99 a month AND receive a free Hulu subscription. It is literally all the music you want and all the TV and movies you could think of for the small price of $4.99 a month!

HBO: This is a benefit to all Bryant students, that we will sadly lose after our four years on campus, but until then, with your Bryant login, you have free access to all HBOGO, which offers even more shows! So if you are a binge-watcher and can watch a series of a show in a week, switch to HBOGO and see if there is something new to see! Take advantage of this while you can!

Amazon: I am sure many people already know this, but with a student email, you can access Amazon Prime free for 6 months. With Amazon Prime, comes free shipping, free music, and free movies! Lots of benefits here!

Chipotle: College students love Chipotle, I know I do! Although most of us just ask for a free water cup when we go, if you show your student ID you will get a free regular size drink!

AMC Theater: If you have a local AMC theater near you, on Thursdays they offer a discounted movie rate for students with your student ID card!

Try these discounts out to save you a few bucks!  Don’t be afraid to ask stores around if they have a student discount; chances are they do!