The Internship Search…..

Searching for an internship this year has been a bit daunting. I know my skills in the classroom are top notch and valuable in the competitive market where so many students are searching. I’ve tried to put my best foot forward and I am looking forward to hearing back from the companies I have applied for! Here are some of the best websites I’ve used to try in my Internship search.

-The Bryant Career Connection- This is a Bryant only job portal. I found a few of my potential internships on here! I applied to one Internship which was only available for Bryant students. This was extremely exciting as I felt it validated my Bryant education and the skills I’ve learned here. I definitely will continue to use this resource as I know many opportunities do exist here!

-LinkedIn Jobs- This is a second favorite of mine as it is incredibly easy to search through a ton of companies quickly. Type in what you’re looking for and the location and poof! There is a list that’s easily adjusted if you want to change something quickly. It’s very user-friendly and I love the feature that allows you to see the Bryant University alumni who work for the company. At a few different companies I’ve messaged alumni using the Linkedin feature and having the Bryant connection made chatting very easy! Linkedin should definitely be in your top priority as the site updates daily! I’ve used Indeed a handful of times and honestly it’s not my favorite, but I have found some unique opportunities on this website, and I will use it for that benefit! It’s not as user friendly and I find you really have to dig on this website, but it’s rewarding finding a hidden gem once in a while!

I hope you have luck on your internship search and I’ll keep you updated on mine as the semester progresses! Study up Bulldogs, finals are right around the corner!

Go Bulldogs!