Bryant University’s Location

One of the really great things about Bryant University is the location. To me, we have the perfect location that every college undergrad should seek out. We’re located in a smaller town with a huge community feel. It’s a mostly residential campus with a long driveway and the feeling that you’re approaching something great, almost like Disney World. We’re about 20 minutes away from Providence and an hour driving from Boston. What more could a girl want?

I’ve always considered myself a city girl. When looking at colleges, I believed I would be strutting along fifth avenue in New York or taking picturesque photos along Newbury Street in Boston. I had a very “me” mindset when I thinking where I could see myself. I would think, I love the city because there’s always something to do, and I can’t wait to go exploring, instead of I love being surrounded by friendly people who make the campus feel like home. Being around friends who truly care about you is an amazing feeling and coming to Bryant made all the difference in the world.

I feel like Smithfield, R.I. gives me the perfect combination of having an amazing support system and community, but also pushing me to go explore and push my personal boundaries. Because we are pretty close to Boston I visit very frequently and even had the chance to head to Boston for an afternoon and explore before going to a night Red Sox game. Being about an hour away gives me the chance to see a city I love on my own terms, but always come back to my friends on the Bryant campus. I can do as much as I want and see as much as I want, but I always can return home when I’ve had enough. Other campuses may not allow you to have the same convenience.

There are so many other places that I want to explore in the state of Rhode Island, but I know I have time before I graduate! I want to explore Newport and Westerly with my friends because who doesn’t love the beach? I’m hoping the weather warms up and we can take a trip very soon. I love going shopping and would like to return back to Foxwoods Resort Casino in CT, as we are only an hour away and they put in a great outlet center last year! Bryant’s location is unmatched to other universities. I love having the chance to explore and get pushed out of my comfort zone but always coming back home to my bulldogs. I hope you’ll see more posts exploring the Rhode Island soon!

Go Bulldogs!