End of the Semester Blues

As my fourth semester comes to a close, I feel the sadness already setting in. Next semester is going to be incredibly different and I’m going to miss all the amazing experiences that I have had either on campus or traveling with Bryant University this semester.

I’ve had the most amazing year and I’m not sure how junior year could possibly beat my sophomore year. I’ve traveled so many times, near and far, from Providence College, to Buenos Aires, Argentina this year. I’ve traveled to expand my world and get a taste of new cultures and I’ve traveled to learn. I sincerely hope I can take advantage of even more opportunities next year as this year, quite possibly can’t be beaten.

I’ve talked about being a First-Year Resident Assistant many times on this blog and this has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Having daily interactions with residents and seeing how a small interaction can go a long way, has been truly amazing. Next year I will be serving as a Resident Assistant in the “village” which has suite style living. This is a bittersweet feeling as I may not see my residents as frequently and will have less daily interactions.

I also had a moment of panic a few weeks ago when I realized a few of my best friends are not going to be here next semester. One of my best friends, Keke also serves as a Resident Assistant in the same First-Year Hall as I, and I started thinking of all the fun things we were going to do this summer. Then I realized Keke’s going to study abroad in London so this would not be happening! I was disappointed, but I know she’s going to have an amazing time, as will all of my friends going to Spain, France, and Chile (just to name a few.) I will miss them dearly and cannot wait until they have many stories to share with me when they come back for the second semester.

I’ve had the chance to attend two Red Sox games, one Bruin’s game, one concert in Providence, two countries, one Residence Life conference, and go to one Tedx conference! This year was full of new opportunities all of which were made possible by Bryant University. I’m looking forward to new opportunities and experiences as next year comes around.