Junior Year Has A Busy Start


Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog here at Bryant University. My name is Angelique (Angie) and I’m a Junior here! I’m a Marketing and Applied Analytics double major and I am very excited to be telling you all about my experiences here this year. You can read about my prior history in the archives here as I’ve been blogging since Freshman year! I thought I would tell you all about what I’m up to on campus this year so you can get a sense of what this blog will be about.

As for my academics, I am taking five courses which I want to tell you about in another post. I will say this, Junior Year is TOUGH. It has become a balancing act as these are the classes that I care about more and truly do matter in the long run. I’m learning the skills I will apply to the workforce one day and that is a huge motivator for me to do well in my classes.

I’m working a few different jobs here at Bryant. I have a few different work-study positions, this being one of them. I write this weekly blog for the Office of Admissions which I absolutely love. Another one of my positions is working as a Manager on Duty for the Chace Wellness Center. I frequently work there on the weekends and I close the building up. I have worked for a few different departments in the Recreation branch and it is something I am truly passionate about. The last position I currently hold is working as the Director of Marketing for promoting our Recreation department. We have seven employees on our staff, most of them are newbies, so training them has been absolutely awesome!

On campus, you can also find me giving tours! If you ever see me, feel free to say hi! I am really passionate about giving tours and sharing my experience at the University thus far. I am helping out with Open House in a few short weeks, so please come and see our campus!

The last department I am working for is Residence Life. I am serving as the Head Resident Assistant for the Lower Village. I’m managing 15 RA’s who oversee our area. This position has been super rewarding and has provided me with a lot of mentorship roles and responsibilities. Switching from being an RA in a First-Year location to Village (the sophomore and junior suite style of housing) was definitely a change, but a positive one!

That’s pretty much it for my involvements on campus right now, but that’s just a little bit about me. I hope to share more in the coming weeks with you all. If you have any questions or stumble across this blog as an incoming student, feel free to reach out to Admissions with any questions!

Go Bulldogs!