Junior Year Classes- Pushing Myself to Preform

Welcome back Bulldogs! If you read last week’s post, then you know I’ve started my Junior Year here at Bryant. I’m excited to be back and I finally feel like I’ve gotten myself together to tell you a little about each of my classes here this semester. Without further ado…

Financial Management-

This class is composed of a semester learning about the basic principles of finance. This class is the first class in the finance field, so this course sets you up for success. So far we’ve been learning about money, exchanges, the stock markets, and various other concepts. I already feel as though I can make more educated financial decisions in my personal life after a few weeks in this course.

Operations Management-

This is another introductory course but on the subject of Ops Management. This course shows students how to make analytics decisions regarding any operations process. There are so many applications to this course that I’m seeing in my own life and here at Bryant.

Digital Marketing-

Digital Marketing is a Marketing elective that I am taking and currently loving! This course really targets every section of the digital space and we are learning about each of them week by week. Right now we’re focusing on building ad campaigns and learning how to bid for ads on Google!

Public Relations-

PR is definitely my favorite class this semester! This course gives students an understanding of what it is like to work as a Public Relations professional. We focus on reading and analyzing case studies and discussing how to improve on their campaigns. This is an industry I’m very passionate about so going to class is exciting!

Managing Information for Applied Analytics-

This course is definitely the most difficult subject I’m taking this semester, but it’s proving to be a rewarding challenge. This course exposes students to working with, analyzing, storing, and creating data. Right now I’m learning how to code in SQL, and although it’s incredibly difficult, it’s incredibly satisfying!

My classes for this semester are pushing me to see how well I can perform, but I am not alone in this process. This semester my professors are incredible. Every single one of them has years of experience outside of the classroom in their respective field, and some of them are still consulting or working full time. I truly believe that is the value of your Bryant education. I know I can go to my professors for suggestions, advice, and help because they have different perspectives and worldly experience. Thanks for reading!

Go Bulldogs!