Bryant’s Commitment to Excellence

One of the unique opportunities Bryant provides for its students is for them to learn outside the traditional classroom. There is always something going on outside of doing homework, studying in the library, club meetings, or athletic events. One of my personal favorite activities on campus is going to the tremendous speakers that are available for students.

For the past week, Bryant has had Daryl Crockett speak on a variety of topics including data security, analytics, and privacy. Students had the chance to attend these presentations for various classes, but also on their own. Because of Bryant’s commitment to student excellence, there is a huge importance put on bettering students through enriching speakers.

In my Analytics course this year I have been learning about creating, maintaining, and storing data in databases. We have covered various concepts but especially those in normalizing data, developing business rules and figuring out what one actually needs the data for.

In Daryl Crockett’s presentation, she echoed these points when she spoke about her career. She shared some interesting stories with the group about data collection and working in teams in which I found very interesting.

Last year, I had the chance to hear from other speakers of various companies share their experiences with students. I always recognize these opportunities as a way to grow professionally and learn about new career paths and opportunities.