George's Posts:

Graduation Fair

On Wednesday, I participated in the mandatory graduation fair for all graduating seniors inside Janikies. Prior to entry, seniors had lined up to purchase their graduation gowns. Inside Janikies, Tyler Brum ’13  gave us a warm welcome and told us about the upcoming alumni events, two of which were to be held exclusively in the […]

Student Alumni Networking Night- Reception & Dinner

Last Friday, I had the wonderful opportunity to take part in the annual Student Alumni Networking Dinner organized by the Student Alumni Association. This was the first time I had ever participated in this event and having roughly 30 days to graduation, I decided life was too short to miss out. At the event, I met a good friend of mine […]

PwC CDI Banquet 2017

Last Saturday, I had the wonderful opportunity of being an honored guest at the annual PwC CDI banquet for graduating seniors. This event was held as part of efforts to decorate graduating students of Bryant’s community who were either students of color, international students, or who had been involved with the CDI in some capacity […]

Cheers- Senior Night #2

Last night, I participated in a senior event at the Roger Williams Botanical Gardens in Providence. It was a truly splendid event. We were bused there by two rented school buses. My ride was a very pleasant and enjoyable one. Seniors recapped the previous years by reliving many good times we had had here at Bryant. […]

Latin Night

The Bryant University Spanish Cultural Organization, along with other cultural clubs on campus, sponsored the 2017 Latin Night inside the ROTO from 5-8pm. I only heard of this when I passed the Starr Financial Markets Center and saw a friend happily enjoying some delicious looking Spanish food and encouraged me to go grab some for […]

Exit Counselling: looking forward while looking back

There comes a time in a student’s life during his or her college years when he or she realizes that graduation is at hand. Is there a more sobering experience than this? I have had so many of this moments during this semester that I could not keep track of. One came today when all […]

REDAY 2017

Yesterday, Bryant University held its 6th Annual Research and Engagement Day throughout campus. Research and Engagement Day (RED17) consisted of more than 83 sessions involving over 90 faculty and staff and over 600 students reflecting on the academic and creative work being undertaken by members of the Bryant community. These presentations included: panels with published […]

Honors Thesis Presentations

This past Monday and Tuesday, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the honors presentations of two of my very wonderful friends Brianna Darin & Tiffany Venmahavong. Brianna, an accounting major, senior, and soon to be MPAc candidate, had her presentation on “The Perception of Acounting: What Do You Think?” and Tiffany on “Five seconds […]

ISO Vintage Gala 2017

On Saturday night, I had the opportunity to attend the 2017 GALA hosted by ISO inside Bello. This semester, I was personally invited by Kevin Martins, Director of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to come. Needless to say, it became one of the best times I had had here at Bryant. We had really […]