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Wrapping Up Spring Weekend and Spring Semester

I know I say it a lot in the intros to my blogs, but wow, summer is almost here. My first year of college in the books. Just crazy to think about. But before I get into a couple words to end the year, let me give you my grades for this weekend! My Grades […]

Everything You Need to Know About Spring Weekend

It’s finally here! Well, almost here. Yes, this is Spring Weekend 2017, and we’re all hyped waiting for the weekend! So before the festivities start, I just wanted to give you all a little schedule of what to expect. Next week, I’ll actually be going back through some of the events I mention, and giving […]

How to Handle Housing

One of the most overlooked aspects of campus life is also one of the most obvious differences when transitioning to college – housing. Where you live and who you live with is an important part of your life here at Bryant. Our ResLife office provides several different living options around campus, so you can find […]

REDay 2017

Wow, only one month left here at Bryant University! Freshman year continues to fly by, and I know we’re all eager to start our summer. But there’s still a lot of big events around campus to cover before we head home and officially close the books on the 2016-2017 school year. And today was one […]

Steve Wozniak Comes to Bryant!

A couple weeks back, I talked a bit about the upcoming keynotes and presentations at Bryant. Today, I was able to attend one of my top listed events, the Steve Wozniak presentation! The hour long panel was a great time overall, and gave our students a lot of insight into the business world. For those […]

Spring Intramurals!

Happy Spring everyone! The weather is warming up, and we here at Bryant are ready to enjoy the nice sunny days! Athletes are starting their spring games this week, so good luck to them. But if you aren’t one of our D1 Bulldog athletes, there’s a lot to look forward to in spring intramural sports! […]

Keynotes at Bryant

One of my favorite aspects of life at Bryant is that our staff and students always find interesting and powerful figures to speak on campus. The best way for students to learn about careers is through those who have gone out and accomplished some of the strongest careers in their industries. Here are just a […]

Transitioning from Midterms to Break and Back to Bryant

Wow! It wasn’t until the other day while I was prepping for my midterms that I realized we’re almost at the end of the academic year. And what a year it has been. Even though the finish line is in sight, we still have a couple of months until the end of the semester. This […]

How to Enjoy the Warm Weather at Bryant!

Spring is almost here! As midterms approach in the coming weeks, we were treated with some beautiful weather this past week. So of course, we were excited to get outside and relax! Here are a couple different ways Bryant students have fun in the sun during spring semester: Study by the pond! We have a […]

What I learned from MyPATH

Freshman last week participated in Bryant’s “MyPATH” event as part of our Gateway curriculum. In a nutshell, MyPATH allows students to learn more about the majors and minors that are offered here at Bryant. Students attend a keynote speaker session, as well as two additional sessions that teach students about specific degrees. I was unsure […]