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Design Thinking at IDEA Fair

For all freshman this year, our Spring Semester kicked off with Bryant’s design thinking project IDEA Fair. For 72 hours, me and my fellow classmates researched, brainstormed, prototyped, and presented our solutions to critical questions engineered by the IDEA committee. Topics ranged across industries from zoos, to movie theaters, to museums, to even Gillette Stadium! […]

Back to Bryant!

Spring semester is here! Wow it’s been a crazy couple weeks since moving back into my dorm. First the IDEA Fair, then getting back to classes, and of course the Patriots winning the Super Bowl! But as we get further into the spring, there’s a whole lot more to experience. Here’s a couple of the […]

Reflecting on my First College Semester

Wow, it’s hard to believe December is already here! It’s been a great semester here at Bryant University, and I’ve learned a lot in not only my classes but in my experiences outside the classroom. In academics, I’ve learned how to build an entire business plan and work together efficiently with a group of my […]

Bryant’s CEO E-Pitch

This week was the infamous freshman “Elevator Pitch” for this semester’s GFOB students. A portion of the GFOB business plan, this event features a 60 second pitch by two group members to a board of “investors” (portrayed by Bryant CEO members and professors). These students introduce their company, product line, and their projections and goals […]

Group Projects at Bryant University

One of the biggest parts of course work at Bryant is your ability to interact with your peers and work together in an academic community. This collaboration can be a study group with some friends, a small partner assignment, or even a large group project. So far I have had two classes where formal large […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Dorm Life

As the only boy in my family, I’ve been lucky enough the past 17 years to have the luxury of my own room. So when I first got to Bryant, one of the biggest adjustments was getting use to having a roommate and a shared living space, and being more independent in general. Here are […]

Staying Active and Healthy on Campus

Looking for some fun ways to burn off your all-you-can-eat Salmo meals like me? Bryant offers a lot of great ways to stay fit and healthy during your time on campus! The Chace Athletic Center offers a great gym open to all students for any activity from weight lifting to elliptical machines. I try to […]

How to Travel as a Freshman

Every once in a while, we all like to go out with our friends off campus and explore the great cities near Bryant like Providence, Newport, and Boston. But how do freshmen travel off campus without cars? Here are some of the best ways I’ve found at Bryant: One of the most popular ways to […]

Tips I Wish I Knew During My First Week

We’re halfway through first semester! As I look back, I’ve realized how many tips I’ve acquired to have the best experience at Bryant since I moved in a month and a half ago. Here are a few pointers on what to try on campus… Having trouble in classes? See ACE!: The Academic Center for Excellence […]

Welcome to GFOB!

Wow, time has flown! It’s only my second month on campus, but it’s as if I’ve been a student here all my life. And as all freshman know, one of the most important parts of your life as a first year student at Bryant is your GFOB class! GFOB, or “Global Foundations of Business” is […]