Katie's Posts:

The Life of a Fisher Student Center Employee

Since the first week I was a student at Bryant, I have had a job at the Fisher Student Center (FSC). I have worked at The Scoop for the past three years and I have loved every second of not. It’s one of those jobs that is easy for a student to be able to […]

How to Survive the Week before Thanksgiving

It’s almost as if you can already smell the turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce in the air as the days fall past us, and Thanksgiving draws closer. As a college student you want to be able to enjoy the thought of seeing your family again and all of your hometown friends. But this really fun […]

Mentoring: The Greek Way

Whether you are in total support of Greek Life or not, I think everyone can agree on the fact that there are many healthy perks to it that can help create a better foundation for college students. For me personally, I always knew I wanted to be a part of Greek Life,  I just never […]

The Willow Tree

I feel like Bryant students have a higher level of pride for the appearance of their campus than other college students. It’s almost weird how we hold stock to particular spots on campus, such as the “Bryant beach” which is only half of the small lake on campus facing the Fisher Student Center. For some […]

Midterm Tips and Tricks

You would think that by the fifth time of overcoming the dreaded midterm season, I would have some sort of fool proof plan. Something that I would have been using since I was a freshman that would work perfectly. But to be honest I have only evolved through my study habits and have learned from […]

Bryant Bubble after SIE

It feels good to not only be back in my Bryant bubble but to also be blogging once more. Time for everyone to hear about the cool things I experience here on campus. But to add something special to this blog I wanted to reminisce for a bit on one of my all time favorite […]

Halfway through College…

It feels as if I have blinked my eyes and the last two years have come and gone. It seems like just yesterday that my parents were moving me into Hall 15 and I was hyperventilating about starting a new chapter of my life on my own. But it also seems like forever ago, because […]

The Art of Multitasking

The key to success in college is to first learn about your own personal time management skills. In order to go anywhere in this world, you have to learn how to prioritize your own goals and the tasks you need to complete. Eventually everyone realizes what works for them, just at different speeds. For me, […]

Bryant Greek Week

One of the greatest weeks of the year is finally here at Bryant University, and it has set the Greek Community on fire. Greek Week is a time for the entire community to get together and to bond while competing in different kinds of events. This is my first year participating in it and it […]

Business Simulations: Going Beyond the Classroom

One of the amazing aspects of the classes we take at Bryant, is the amount of outside knowledge that is incorporated into them. There has not been a single moment so far where I have found myself sitting in class wondering when I was actually going to use any of this information in the real […]