Katie's Posts:

Overwhelmed…with Love

One of the hardest parts about being a college student is the amount of stress and responsibility that comes along with it. We are finally adults and it is one of the scariest realizations for people. There are always questions on how to do things, whether we are doing things correctly in our lives, and […]

The Power of Bryant = Startup Business

There is a lot to say about a college that has an influx of students who are able to start up their own companies while still being full time students. It takes a certain kind of person to find the inner motivation and inspiration to start something like this. These qualities are found in most […]

National Women’s Day: the Sorority Edition

This Wednesday was National Women’s day where I saw an influx of women power and empowerment throughout my day. Of course, there was an influx of pictures on social media accounts showcasing women loving other women and thanking them for all of their support. But I did not think it was going to be to […]

Spring came early to Bryant

Once the temperature climbs above 50 degrees you can find the lawns of Bryant University populated with all of the students. The best time to come and tour the school is during this time because of the amount of energy that is present. It is almost as if students forget all of their responsibilities for […]

Double Majoring: What did I get myself into?

My college experience could have been a normal one, I could have just chosen one major like everyone else and went on my merry little way. But being me, and being the way I am, I couldn’t just do that. When I first came to Bryant, I knew I was meant to be a marketing […]

Snow Day???

This is the one notification on twitter that every Bryant University student waits patiently for: “OK bulldogs, you have your wish, classes today are cancelled, As agreed see you at the basketball game! Sweet dreams” @BryantUPrez or better known as President Ronald Machtley. President Machtley is known to hold off on granting us a snow […]

Semester Long Gratitude

As I predicted last semester, this semester was going to be filled with new opportunities, new experiences, and a tremendous amount of self growth. I wasn’t wrong on any of these points. This semester has taught me so much about myself, where I want to be and where I want to go, and has even […]

Finals Prep

I find beauty in madness, and that is exactly what this time of year is–madness. But for some reason I love it. I think I love it because you see how hard people are willing to work in order to succeed in life. In the end GPA may “just” be a number but it shows […]

Why I Chose Greek Life

I inevitably joined something that I have been dying to be a part of since my freshman year–but had been too anxious to make a decision on whether to join or not. For me, freshman year was extremely overwhelming and it took me awhile to figure out where I wanted to go from there. But […]

How I Got my First Internship

We all have a love/hate relationship with our summer jobs, we love them for the money, and hate them for the amount of our summer they take away from us. Lucky enough I have always loved my summer job, for reasons besides money. But after completing my freshman year of college, I knew that this […]