Katie's Posts:

Midterm Meditation

I think everyone can agree on the fact that any form of an exam is the one of the worst things in the world–especially when you are in college. For some reason, not matter how much I plan out my life, I still find myself surprised by the arrival of an exam. This especially happens […]

Inspiring the SOUL (Summit)

Student leaders is one of the broadest definitions of students at Bryant University. I personally feel as if the majority of the student body here exhibits strong leadership skills or actually has a leadership position on campus. For me, it’s the latter. I am happily the secretary for our DECA chapter, which comes with it […]

Bryant Ambassador here I come!

Ever since I first toured Bryant University I have wanted to become an ambassador. The ambassador that gave me my first tour of Bryant helped me fall even more in love with it. I want to be that person for someone else. I want to help them envision themselves living, and growing up here. This […]

Living the AIC Dream

Innovative, open, thought provoking, inspiring, and beautiful. These are the words I use to describe Bryant’s newest building. I have fallen in love with the Academic innovation Center, and there is no turning back. It is not like I do not love the other Bryant buildings, because I do. But there is just something about […]

How Resume-Review Saved My Life

We all need a powerful resume to get us the internships and the jobs we want. But the question always seems to be, “what do I put on my resume?” I have never had a clear answer on this myself, therefore I still have old high school achievements on mine. Even though I am now […]

Sweet Suite Life of Sophomore Year

The anticipation I had over entering into my sophomore year gradually built up more and more as the summer went on. It felt almost like it did when I was little and I was anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival Christmas Eve night. I never thought that I would ever be this excited about college life, but […]

Freshman Travels

Eight months ago I was scared out of my mind—I was leaving everything and everyone I had ever known, behind me. What I didn’t know was that I was going to be leaving an old version of myself behind as well, and that one of the biggest changes I was going to experience would be […]

Death or Success from GFOB?

Throughout freshmen year the most commonly used phrase is, “death by GFOB,” but I couldn’t fully understand why everyone always said this until this semester, when I experienced it myself. GFOB is one of the required courses here at Bryant and it is one of the greatest opportunities students have to be able learn, and […]

More than just a club

I have been a part of DECA since my junior year of high school, yet it never ceases to impact me in a new way every time I participate in one of its events. This past week Bryant DECA traveled down to the beautiful city, Washington D.C., to attend the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) […]

REDay Success

I never thought that when I joined my Statistics class this semester that it would leave a lasting impression on me, in more ways than one. My professor, Nancy Bealusio, asked us during the second week of class whether some of us would be interested in volunteering our time for her REDay project. As a […]