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Chronically Sick and Successful

My parents didn’t want me to leave the bubble of safety they had created for me in Middletown, CT. They had seen me go through it all ever since my diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease at the age of ten. So the thought of me going off into a new environment that is filled with triggers […]

The Bryant Group Affect

I know that I was not the only one in high school that despised group work. Some of my thoughts consisted of, “Why should I be forced to work with people other than my friends?” “Why can I not just do this entire project on my own?” These thoughts, and many more, would keep popping […]

The Scoop on being a Working College Student

College is a continuous balancing act, you have to know how to focus on the most important stuff first while still finding the time for everything else. Thankfully for me I learned really good time management skills in high school. Therefore college was not too much of a shock to me when I first started. […]

To DECA and Beyond

Everyone always told me that one of the most important things to do when you are a freshman in college, is to get involved. But that can seem scary when you are in a new environment and you still do not know many people—but for me, branching out and doing the things I love to […]

The IDEA Program

The IDEA Program is something that all freshmen have to partake in once they come back from their winter break. During my first semester there were many rumors circulating around over what actually happens during this 72 hour program, and there were mixed reviews on it. But I noticed that my class was going into […]

Winter Wonderland

  Everyone has a habit of getting caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of life and we sometimes forget to appreciate everything that goes into it. I am definitely guilty of doing this, and I have only become guiltier of doing this since I started college. College has a way of sweeping you […]