Mikayla's Posts:

The Art and Science of Love

In elementary school, I loved passing out Valentines to all my classmates. There was something so special about receiving a kind note from every person in the class. I would run home after school with my shoe-box-turned-mail-box in my hands and proudly show my mom the array of cards, candy and pencil erasers my classmates […]

Formal Recruitment 2017

It’s that time of year again! At the beginning of the spring semester, all of the sororities on campus come together for Formal Recruitment, a time when new women find their Greek homes on campus. Over the course of my time at Bryant, this has always been one of my favorite weekends and this one […]

The Beginning of the End

After next week, I have one semester left at Bryant University. I am going to type that sentence again because it has not registered yet. After next week, I have one semester left at Bryant University. As usual, this semester went by faster than expected. Finals are upon us and this blog post is my […]

Paint Night Success!

For as long as I’ve been a student at Bryant (and for a long time before that), the Student Arts and Speakers Series has always hosted a Holiday Paint Night at the end of the fall semester. As a club, our mission is to encourage arts and culture at Bryant by getting students passionate and […]

Rally for a Reason

It is no secret that the current status of our country is rather unpredictable. People of all races, religions, and orientations are scared. Thankfully, Bryant University students have a certain go-getter attitude about them. We do not let hatred define us. We are not passive. We stand up for equality and for what is right. […]

Bryant Senior Advisory Council

Senior year is almost halfway over. I can’t believe I just typed that! The time is flying by. Recently, I was invited to be a part of the Bryant Senior Advisory Council, a group that meets for dinner once a month with President Machtley, first lady Katie Machtley and Bryant University’s cabinet members. I excitedly […]

Bryant’s Townhouse Community

As a senior, I have the privilege of living in the townhouses. This living arrangement provides students with a full kitchen, dining area, living room, two full bathrooms and four bedrooms. I live in a house of seven other people. The houses are all in the same area of campus and have a very safe, […]


I was a senior in high school during the 2012 presidential election. I walked proudly into the gym, where the vote was being held, and cast my ballot. I wore the “I Voted!” sticker with pride and felt good about fulfilling my civic duty. Now that I am a senior in college, a presidential election […]

There was a “Full House” at the SASS Event

With great power comes great responsibility, as they say. Event planning is hard work. There’s logistics, coordination, delegation, compromise… the list goes on. But the feeling of the event paying off is incomparable. As I’ve mentioned before, I am the co-chair for the Student Arts and Speakers Series Committee.  Our most recent event was called […]

Say It Anyway

Bryant’s Student Programming Board is consistently putting on exciting events whether it be Spring Weekend, a DIY craft table, or movie night in the auditorium. Tuesday night, they brought comedian Adam Grabowski to campus for a night of laughs and anecdotes about life. Adam was on season 11 of America’s Got Talent and even the […]