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Travel, Travel, Travel

By now, you’ve heard people say how amazing traveling is. It can change your life, you’ll be a different person when you come back, everyone needs to get out of the country at least once in their lifetime…and guess what? It’s all true! There’s something so special about seeing a different part of the world. […]

Chef Mikayla – Townhouse Edition

This year, I’m living in one of Bryant’s townhouses. The townhouses are a different living arrangement most frequently occupied by seniors. Unlike a suite, I have a full kitchen and dining area. No meal plan for me this year, which means it’s up to me to prepare my own food. Unbeknownst to me, this is […]

Why You Should Get Involved in College

Bryant is known for its renowned academic courses and I owe a lot of my knowledge to them. But I would be lying if I said that all my learning happened inside the classroom. By getting involved in clubs in all different areas of campus, I have become a more well-rounded person and gained new […]

The Benefits of the Academic Innovation Center

I’ll be honest – I’m not great with change. When I heard Bryant was adding a new academic building, I didn’t know what to think. I was used to having all my classes in the Unistructure and you know what they say, you can’t teach an old bulldog new tricks. However, I am happy to […]

Senior year started off right!

Hey there! I can’t believe I’m back for my third year of blogging – and that senior year has arrived! I’m so glad I get to share my last year at Bryant with you all. This year started with a bang! As I mentioned in some of my previous posts, I served as Top Dog […]

Goodbye Junior Year!

Wow! My last post of junior year. Last year I remember writing about how I couldn’t believe college was halfway over…now I am going to be a senior! The time really does fly by. This summer, I’m going to be doing marketing for a nonprofit called Brides Across America. After working at a digital marketing agency, […]

Sociology 453: Owning My Education

This semester, I have had the privilege of taking Sociology 453 Race and Ethnicity. As a class, we explore the inequalities tied to race and ethnicity today. It has been an eye-opening experience in more ways than one. While I am extremely invested in the material we learn about, there is an element to the […]

Greek Week 2016

It’s Greek Week! The highly anticipated week-long competition between all Greek organizations is finally here! Since Monday, we have been participating in different events such as field games, basketball tournaments and volleyball tournaments. There is still plenty to come! We have a mocktail event to look forward to, as well as a lip-sync show and […]


Recently at Bryant, there was an event held called #LoveYourSelfieBryant. The message was simple: love yourself! After seeing the event on campus, I wanted to know more. I reached out to the event’s coordinators, Emily Bullock and Cassandra Priante. Here’s our conversation: MO: Tell me a little about yourselves! EB: I’m Emily and I am a […]

Spring Arts Festival

I can’t believe that it snowed this week! While that’s not what I was expecting during the first week of April, there’s plenty of spring activities going on at Bryant to look forward to. The biggest thing is the SASS Spring Arts Festival! I can’t wait for this one. The SASS committee decided Bryant needed a […]