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Steve Wozniak Comes to Bryant

The Woz got a taste of what Bulldogs are all about. This past Thursday, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak came on campus to speak on his life throughout Apple, as well as his experiences he learned along the way. As a big fan of Apple myself, this was a big day for me. I grew up […]

My Best Friends are Professors

Yes, I have made some great friends at Bryant. I have made friends that are down the street from my hometown, live in different states, and even have lived in different countries. These friendships are some that I plan on carrying out for the rest of my life. Bryant provides a special opportunity where professors […]

So Close, Yet Still Far Enough

This past weekend, I was able to enjoy the company of my family coming to take a day trip to Rhode Island in visiting me. Even though they are a lengthy drive away, it is still possible to come down and grab some lunch together. Even though the biggest factor in coming to visit was […]

Dawg Pound Update – Spring is in the Air

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the Dawg Pound. As Spring moves into the air, the calendar begins to fill up on what do to as an organization. The big news for Dawg Pound does not come from an athletic standpoint, but actually from Student Senate. The organization was awarded funding, which […]

The Power of the Amica Center

The Amica Center has helped me learn professional techniques throughout my Bryant Career. Specifically, in my junior year, it has helped me learn how to communicate with employers in a proper setting. Whether it is through email or preparing for an interview, I make sure to always go to the Amica Center before I make […]

Bryant Management Association

This past week, I was introduced to the Bryant Management Association. Even though they are a new organization, they are establishing themselves as one of the most valuable clubs on campus. One of the main reasons why the association came together was to provide management majors an opportunity to join a club for their own […]

2017 National Collegiate Sales Competition

The time finally arrived – the Sales Team was ready to take on Georgia. Last weekend, the team traveled to compete in the National Collegiate Sales Competition at Kennesaw State. It is considered the Super Bowl of sales competitions, and the team was ready to give it everything we had for success. Through all of […]

Bryant University Spring Sales Competition

After hours of preparing, the time arrived. The Team Selling Sales competition was held last Tuesday. As part of the Sales Management class, I was partnered with another classmate in selling the Acquia Cloud Site Factory to an employer under a role play setting. As I have mentioned before, the preparation was the hardest part. […]

Showing Friends What It Is Like To Be A Bulldog

One of the biggest transitions from high school to college is maintaining a level of communication. As your high school friends go to different schools and you go to college to make new friends, sometimes that level of communication dies out. Because the access to technology these days is so advanced, maintaining that level of […]

ACE Impact

I remember on my first tour of Bryant, I received a ‘take-out menu’ from the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE).  Young Nick Valeri actually thought they served food in ACE. But as time progressed, I actually realized they serve fresh advice on how to achieve excellence. ACE has been an important resource in my success […]