Nick's Posts:

Bryant University Spring Sales Competition

After hours of preparing, the time arrived. The Team Selling Sales competition was held last Tuesday. As part of the Sales Management class, I was partnered with another classmate in selling the Acquia Cloud Site Factory to an employer under a role play setting. As I have mentioned before, the preparation was the hardest part. […]

Showing Friends What It Is Like To Be A Bulldog

One of the biggest transitions from high school to college is maintaining a level of communication. As your high school friends go to different schools and you go to college to make new friends, sometimes that level of communication dies out. Because the access to technology these days is so advanced, maintaining that level of […]

ACE Impact

I remember on my first tour of Bryant, I received a ‘take-out menu’ from the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE).  Young Nick Valeri actually thought they served food in ACE. But as time progressed, I actually realized they serve fresh advice on how to achieve excellence. ACE has been an important resource in my success […]

Facility Appriciation

Even though I have always known this, but the facility and staff on campus are extremely friendly and kind. I wanted to make sure they got their recognition and appreciation for all of their efforts they provide to campus. Even though through every encounter with a facility and staff I always act polite, I realized […]

Transition from Suite to Townhouse Has Begun

As a freshman, the idea of living in a townhouse on campus was surreal to think about. With less than a semester left of my junior year, those freshman thoughts are turning into reality. Within the next couple of days, my roommates and I will be claiming which townhouse will be ours for next year. […]

Class Registration – The Final Stretch

In one of the many things that I cannot believe is ending in my Bryant career is registering for class. Arguably one of the most stressful processes a student can go through (or maybe I am the only one that stresses over it), it is a process that I am almost finished partaking in. I […]

Sales – Competition & Mentorship

If there was any time of Sales overload, this would be the perfect time to describe it. In one of the busiest stretches of Sales activities I have been exposed to, it has been a ride I hope does not end in terms of fun (I hope it does eventually though, because I would not […]

Bryant University Social Media Club

Even though I am involved with different organizations on campus, the Social Media Club is one that is one of my major commitments throughout the semester. In a unique organization, the club provides real-world experience of how powerful creativity and management come together. The goal of the organization is to fully manage a company’s social […]

Spring Break Recap

Spring Break has come and gone, unfortunately. But, the stories will stay. That is how it is supposed to go, right? In the past, I have used Spring Break as an opportunity to rest and recover from the semester so far. This year, my roommates were pretty determined to travel. Because my school plans did […]

The Balance of Life and Gym

This year, I have taken a major commitment in finding a proper balance between working out and keeping up with my school work. This was one of the goals I wanted to achieve coming into the semester. As I have time to reflect on it now, I realize that I believe I have done a […]