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What a study abroad student really wants for Christmas

Less than three weeks to go before I return back to the US and luckily for me, it is right in time for Christmas! In the past, I have asked for new things such as a new phone, computer, or clothes, along with some stocking stuffers that will benefit me in my college dorm, such as […]

Cheap ways to travel while studying abroad

  It’s crazy to think that I only have one month left until I come back to the Dog Pound, (and real life). I have learned so many lessons within my last three and a half months on this journey, especially about traveling. Most people that study abroad in Europe, they have a few goals, […]

What to do with free time abroad!

It is crazy to believe, but in just 5 short weeks I will be on my return flight back to the US…… or in other words, back to reality. As great as it will be to see my family, friends, and dog, I just want to stay in Spain forever! Ideally, if all American food, […]

Why you should Study Abroad

¡Hola mis amigos en Estados Unidos! Yes- I am learning Spanish; I am not great, but I am getting there! And that could be something you learned too (or any language for that matter) if you study abroad! One thing I had known before I went to college was, wherever I went, it didn’t matter […]

Warm Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another year of writing and entertaining you with my knowledge about Rhode Island, Bryant, and New England. This semester, however, is a little different for me. Last year, a majority of my articles were about things, events, or lessons learned in the state of Rhode Island and on campus. I usually would […]

Bryant-I’ll see you in the Spring!

For those of you who don’t know, during the fall semester of 2017, I will be studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain, at the Universidad de Salamanca. Words cannot express my excitement and gratefulness I have for this experience and the opportunities I will encounter while I am there. I will be living with a host […]

Greek Week 2017

I am sure many of you on campus have heard/if not seen something related to “Greek Week” at Bryant. If not, well this article will inform you plenty! To start: What is Greek Week? Truly, I don’t know all the history of it, but from what I have heard, this tradition has gone on for […]

The Best Study Spots on Campus

With finals creeping up around the corner from us, we need to somehow keep in mind that we need to start studying in advance, instead of cramming the night before. And if you don’t start studying just yet, maybe just keep in mind that you need to start soon! With that being said, something also […]

The home stretch of Spring Semester

  With just about 6 weeks left in the school year until summer vacation, it’s sometimes hard to find motivation to finish out the semester strong, especially when this New England weather has been going from wind to snow, to rain, to sun all in a matter of 4 hours. Don’t let the weather of […]

The Bryant Players Present: Footloose the Musical

This weekend, The Bryant Players will be doing a performance of “Footloose!” Starting at 7pm on March 31st, April 1st at 7pm and April 2nd at 2pm! Word on the street is you should buy your ticket in advance because it is going to be a very successful show! The cast consists of 23 students […]