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A Bryant Student Christmas Wish list….

With Christmas slowly creeping up on us, we keep hearing from our parents, “what do you want for Christmas this year?” And some have been planning this list since last year, and some of us (like me) look dumb-found whenever the question is asked replying with “maybe money…. I don’t know. “ Well if you’re […]

What I’ve learned by being a Bryant Student Ambassador

It’s funny to think that not so long ago, I was a senior in high school going on numerous amounts of college campus tours with my parents. Dreading every question my mom may or may not ask, and hoping to fall in love with whatever school I toured. However it wasn’t until Bryant that I […]

Reflection of Up til Dawn

Up til Dawn is a nationwide student-led, student-run program in which college students raise funds for and awareness of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Many colleges across the country participate in this event-Bryant University being one of them. A group of about 15 Bryant Students from all years, put such a successful event together. This last Friday, […]

Tips to have a Successful Registration

With registration slowly approaching, it’s hard to not start to panic about which classes we may or may not end up getting into. For those of us who have registered in the past, we’ve slowly learned some lessons about what to do and what not to do. For those of you who haven’t ever registered […]

What I hope to gain from my SIE experience

This summer I was accepted into the Sophomore International Experience Program, where I will be one of 40+ students traveling to Chile and Argentina in South America over winter break for two weeks. Since my return on campus this fall, every Wednesday Night I have been attending a Wednesday night class to prepare me for […]

Looking for Fall Fun?

With October winding down, there’s only so much time left to carve pumpkins, go apple picking, and get some festive fall pictures in with our friends and families. Pretty soon the leaves will be gone, and a typical New England winter will hit us. (Which for me I love, but many hate). Anywho- not being […]

Laugh Out Loud (cry quietly)

This fall, the Bryant Players will be hosting their annual fall play, and this year the show featured is……. “Laugh out Loud, (cry quietly)”. A comedy about online dating, and the horrific or in some cases, incredible experience’s on the first date. Some couples continue onto second and third dates, and some end in total […]

What My Sorority Means to Me

                On campus I am a member of the Delta Zeta sorority. It’s not your stereotypical movie scene sorority. We are much more than that. We are much more than a party. We are much more than just “a pretty face.” We are much more than paying for friends. Whatever your assumption is, trust me, […]

Pros and Cons of going home for Columbus Day Weekend

In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety Two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Not necessarily for us to go home for a long weekend, but that is what most of us will be doing! We’ve all hit that point in the semester where we are either super excited to go home and visit our family, friends, and […]

Staying Healthy & Happy on Campus

Being at college is weird, and fun, and an all-around experience to say the least. You’ve by now, hopefully, become familiar with the dining hall and your food options-what to eat or what not to eat. You may or may not know where the gym is and/or local running routes within the town of Smithfield […]