Competition Season – ICSC

I knew the time was coming, but it is finally here – competition season. As I am less than a week away from competing in the International Collegiate Sales Competition at Florida State University, I am in the final stretch of my preparations in representing Bryant. Competitions are never easy. They require a lot of patience, […]

Giving Back Through Bryant

While getting your education is obviously the focus here at Bryant, there is also a call for volunteerism and improving the community and those around you. Whether through ethics course or service learning projects, Bryant aims us to be better members of our communities as well as professionals. My biggest exposure to this commitment to […]

Fall Open House

Welcome back Bulldogs! We’re having amazing fall weather on campus right now, I hope you have an opportunity to come by. It was perfect weather for our fall Open House! As a new ambassador, I was so happy that I could take apart of this event! Open House is a perfect time to get to […]

An Active Reflection

Recently, I was on the phone with one of my friends who recently graduated and we had a very interesting exchange. As we both checked in on one another we each asked how we were doing, and both of our responses were “very busy.” But, we had two different versions of being busy. His version […]

Why you should Study Abroad

¡Hola mis amigos en Estados Unidos! Yes- I am learning Spanish; I am not great, but I am getting there! And that could be something you learned too (or any language for that matter) if you study abroad! One thing I had known before I went to college was, wherever I went, it didn’t matter […]

A Trip Around Campus

Hello Bulldogs! I hope everyone has had a great week here on campus! This weekend was filled with so many fun activities for Friends and Family weekend, so I hope you had the opportunity to partake in some of those activities! Part of my weekend was not spent on campus, unfortunately, just like last year, […]

Getting My Groove Back

As I approach my second to last round of midterms (I will not miss those!), I am nothing but full speed ahead as I continue to stay busy. Even though midterms are difficult, and require less sleep, it is all part of the process as I continue making my journey in walking under the archway. […]

New Additions and Tips Around Campus

By now, everyone here at Bryant seems to be settling in to life back on campus. Everyone has a grip on their class schedules, clubs, work, sports, and everything else our students have during the week. But there are always a couple hidden campus additions every year that aren’t commonly known among upperclassman. Looking to […]

Midterm Tips and Tricks

You would think that by the fifth time of overcoming the dreaded midterm season, I would have some sort of fool proof plan. Something that I would have been using since I was a freshman that would work perfectly. But to be honest I have only evolved through my study habits and have learned from […]

Exam season is upon us!

It’s exam season here at Bryant University and this means it’s time to pull out those books, get reading, make some flashcards and ace those exams! For the freshmen, right now is just about when midterms are taking place. For some, this might be a scary event. They may think, how can half a semester’s […]